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Chain selection and use should pay attention to what?

  Chain is an indispensable part of machinery and equipment, which relates to the daily production efficiency of the equipment and the quality of work, the other is also very important chain lubrication, but we can not blindly lubricating all the lubricants are applied to the chain , We have to according to the external conditions and occasions to the chain of lubrication, chain and chain work together, we require the oil to be pure without impurities, or oil in the chain surface will cause particulate impurities or cause corrosion and other conditions , The normal work for the chain to bring unnecessary trouble, it does not work, thereby reducing the efficiency of the equipment, so we usually in the chain of maintenance must pay attention to this point.
  In addition, we work in the daily operation of the chain should pay attention to the correct use, otherwise it will increase the burden and wear and tear chain, select a good large chain manufacturer is also crucial.

Chain selection and use should pay attention to what? 2016-11-21 This article has been read 1193 Secondary
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